WE'RE BACK – Paul Landry


Lobster Lovers, 

        Thank you so much for your patience over the last few months. It sure has been a flurry of things going on here at the Paul Landry office. From relocating our office completely, to new designs and manufacturers, we're surprised we had a second to cat nap. 

       Along with our new website, we want to rebrand ourselves as a company, as well. We believe that simply being a apparel company does not convey our founder’s vision. Thus, we will begin posting regularly, as a blog of sorts. Sometimes it will be us, but we have also collaborated with several other small business owners and designers to produce a variety of content for you to enjoy. 

     Are you a small business or blogger wanting to get more exposure? Send us an email and we can get talking! 

Have an awesome day! 

 - The Paul Landry Team 

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