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A Simple, Beautiful Life

We couldn’t have arrived any sooner back at the beach house before we were jumping into our bathing suits, loading up the Yeti, and cramming towels and beach chairs into the car to get on down to the beach before we lose all our precious spot on the beach.

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Stealing a few days in Paradise

To those of you Lobster Lovers who have been with us for awhile, You know that Madison and I spend a majority of our time juggling school and growing Paul Landry. At times, it can get to be very challenging, and stressful. This holiday season was no different. Both of us come from very large families who enjoy having the whole crew home for the holidays. It seemed as if every day, from December 10th until New Years, there was some kind of event requiring our attendance. Now, don’t get us wrong, we love a good party, but holy cow... it gets exhausting after awhile. On Christmas day, my Grandpa Pooh (aka Paul Landry) was staying with us, and while...

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A Hidden Spot in Round Pond

I apologize for the lack of blog posts these past two weeks. Madison and I embarked on a journey down to Florida to get her moved in for her last year of college! I wish I could tell you we stopped at a bunch of super cute and picturesque towns along the way, or maybe even tell you about the unique cuisine of Southern home cooking, but we waited ‘til the last minute to leave Maine, and powered through the East coast at lightspeed. (Seriously, we only stopped for gas, snacks, and a great burger in Chapel Hill, NC). Unfortunately, this leaves me on my own for the remainder of the summer and beginning of fall (probably not going to...

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Day Trip Travel Guide to St. Augustine, FL

Hey, everybody! We've had a super busy week of preparation and traveling, (I'm heading back to FSU for my senior year, and Patrick drove from Florida to Maine to continue working on some Paul Landry Co collaborations!), but I wanted to share some old pictures and write a quick blog for ya! Back in May, when we first got our ~fancy~ camera (as a very amateur photographer, anything above an iPhone is considered ~fancy~, okay?), Patrick and I did a photoshoot in St. Augustine, FL - a city that we both love. If you find your self in Ye Oldest City, you really don't have to leave the historic district to have a good time! There is a lot to do...

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Summer Adventures: Popham Beach

For starters, I would like to dedicate this article to any and all lovers of New England beaches… You are truly a breed of your own! Braving the “arctic” 65 degree waters can be a bit of a eye-opening experience for even the most hardy of summer beach-goers, and we applaud you for your bravery. For all those of you new... 

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