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Day Trip Travel Guide to St. Augustine, FL

Hey, everybody!

We've had a super busy week of preparation and traveling, (I'm heading back to FSU for my senior year, and Patrick drove from Florida to Maine to continue working on some Paul Landry Co collaborations!), but I wanted to share some old pictures and write a quick blog for ya! Back in May, when we first got our ~fancy~ camera (as a very amateur photographer, anything above an iPhone is considered ~fancy~, okay?), Patrick and I did a photoshoot in St. Augustine, FL - a city that we both love. If you find your self in Ye Oldest City, you really don't have to leave the historic district to have a good time! There is a lot to do and see, though, so here are some of our can't-miss spots (followed by some unseen pictures from that photoshoot!). Enjoy! 

- Madison 

Cousteau's Waffle & Milkshake Bar | @cousteauswaffles

  • It's all in the name! Cousteau's is the cutest nautical-themed hole-in-the-wall. Try the 'Belafonte', it's a hot waffle, topped with Nutella, fresh strawberries, and whipped cream. Name a better combo... I'll wait.  

The Hyppo Gourmet Ice Pops | @thehyppo

  • There are a couple Hyppo locations across Florida, but Saint Augustine is the original home of the Hyppo popsicle stand! Now there are two Hyppo cafes in the historic district, so you can enjoy your all-natural fruit pops in the sweet, sweet comfort of air conditioning. 
  • "Food should be healthy, local, and fun." And that's exactly how they do it at Crave. This funky-fresh food truck set up shop on the outskirts of Flagler College, and overlooks a marina. Their specials board changes daily, but if you visit their website (linked above) you can check out the menu before heading over. If you see the Ahi Tuna Wrap on there, you have to try it. It is ridiculously good. The crunchy red cabbage, cucumbers, and matchstick carrots balance out the soft tuna and tomatoes, and the vinaigrette Crave uses adds just enough acidity. I'm not a food blogger, but trust me on this one, Crave is worth a visit. 

Red Pineapple Boutique | @_redpineapple

  • If you're looking for a tourist shop where you can buy a St. Augustine souvenir, there are no shortage of them on St. George Street. But if you're looking for a unique, well-curated boutique, the Red Pineapple cannot be beat. 


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