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A Hidden Spot in Round Pond

I apologize for the lack of blog posts these past two weeks.

Madison and I embarked on a journey down to Florida to get her moved in for her last year of college! I wish I could tell you we stopped at a bunch of super cute and picturesque towns along the way, or maybe even tell you about the unique cuisine of Southern home cooking, but we waited ‘til the last minute to leave Maine, and powered through the East coast at lightspeed. (Seriously, we only stopped for gas, snacks, and a great burger in Chapel Hill, NC).

Unfortunately, this leaves me on my own for the remainder of the summer and beginning of fall (probably not going to make it....ugh!). I got back to Maine in good time and spent the weekend decompressing from the recent flurry of activity. On Tuesday, I decided it was due time to go on another adventure. Being that I just got back from a 21-hour road trip, I wasn’t exactly game to drive anywhere, so instead I ran! I am sure this sounds absolutely acorns to some of you, but I do run a few miles every morning, and I figured there just had to be some kind of hidden ocean access in Round Pond. To my great delight, I was a little over a mile into my run, when I stumbled upon the Round Pond Preserve (I could not find a physical website or address online….how weird). Just over three acres, it was a quick jaunt to the ocean. I had a small drawstring with a bathing suit and towel, in case I found myself in this very situation.

Keep in mind, Maine beaches in Down East are rocky, and often covered in seaweed, so it was not like I laid out on this long sandy stretch. Rather, I clambered over a few rocks down to the water and changed into my bathing suit (my family calls this the surfer change… a.k.a. using the towel, haha) and set everything else far away from any slippery rocks. 

Pro tipInstead of wearing water shoes, (which are for wimps, honestly, and hard to swim in) wear Nike mid-calf socks. They are thick enough to get over any barnacles or rocks, but not too thick that they get in the way of your glorious frolicking.

(Note from the editor: Paul Landry Co. does not endorse wearing socks in w a t e r. Patrick may or may not be off his rocker.)

The water was amazingly refreshing and warmer than expected. I swam about 50 yards out and floated on my back for a while. I considered swimming the half mile or so to Louds Island, but since I was by myself, without someone following in a kayak, I didn't think it too safe. It is amazing how relaxing it is to be all alone in the water without a worry in the world. Some people do their best thinking in the shower, but I definitely do mine in the ocean. It wasn’t until I could hear the familiar drone of a lobster boat that I opened my eyes and realized I should probably paddle into shore before someone’s propeller found my head! I changed into my clothes and ran back. It was 9:30, and I needed to open up the office by 10:00!

I’m glad I was able to steal away for the morning and enjoy myself… and the fresh blueberry muffin I stopped for at the King Ro Market.

I sure do love the little things in life,         


Bathing suit of choice:


My towel, if anyone cares:


The go-to flops:


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