The Puffineur – Paul Landry

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The Puffineur
The Puffineur
The Puffineur

The Puffineur

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Pronounced the same way you would "connoisseur" , the Puffineur is our landmark hat celebrating our exclusive partnership with Project Puffin, a branch of the National Audubon Society. Puffins are the second most recognizable symbol after lobsters in Maine, and for good reason! The puffin we feature proudly on the front of our hats is a hand sketch my sister did while in Maine last summer, and completely fitting if we do say so ourselves...a little sassy....a little regal...and all over adorable! 

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  • 100% cotton


  • Our in house Puffin design proudly locally embroidered on the front, with our name on the back
  • Steel fabric closure for durability
  • Constructed in California with imported fabrics


A portion of all sales go toward research funding for Project Puffin!