The Outfitter | Weekender – Paul Landry
The Outfitter | Weekender
The Outfitter | Weekender
The Outfitter | Weekender

The Outfitter | Weekender

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After the success of our Day-Tripper duffle, we decided to keep the adventure going with a whole new size in our Patriot style! Welcome The Weekender! Two and half times larger than our Day-Tripper at 1.25 cubic feet. 

Our duffles have been one of our goals since the beginning. Paul, our founder was gifted an old yellow duffel from his grandfather as a kid, after over 40+ years of combined use, the duffel still stood the test of time. Knowing that craftsmanship such as this was hard to come by, Paul drove to the factory himself and sold the owners on allowing him to create a bag for Paul Landry with them. Over a year later, we now present our nautically inspired duffel! Guaranteed to turn heads and last a lifetime! You can't go wrong with this guy! 



  • Made in Maine, USA!
  • Heavy duty sailcloth construction
  • Wrap around webbed straps for added durability
  • Military zippers that never stick! EVER! 
  • Industrial thread to prevent ripping at the seams
  • Hand made leather labels in St. Augustine, FL  
  • 22"L x 11" Diameter
  • Adjustable webbed strap included