About Us – Paul Landry

About Us

Why Paul Landry?

A Note from the Founder

Founded out of a need for t-shirt refinement, Paul Landry Co. emerges as the comfiest, most durable American apparel a prepster can get their claws on. Inspired by the dapper stylings of my beloved Grampa Pooh, Paul Landry Co. aims to bring the sweet melted butter culture of New England style and values to the everyday adventurer and cool dudes alike. My grandfather, when not working in Boston, would venture up to Maine or down to Cape Cod to enjoy a good hike, a casual rowboat trip in Muscongus Bay, or perhaps hustle down to the local Round Pond lobster pound to get himself a lobstah roll and a beer. Paul Landry Co. embodies his regal charisma and love of the outdoors in our clothing.

He taught me the need of owning at least one well made suit, the pride of being a New Englander, the importance of  health and happiness, the joy of exploring with picnic lunch tucked in your rucksack and delighting in lupines for just a few short summer weeks. At 86, his social calendar is always full. He shows that real gentlemen dance at parties, tie their own bow ties, can cook at the campfire as well as the kitchen, know charm and etiquette are not lost arts, and can build and design furniture as well as forts. Oh, and don't forget your basic sailing knowledge, "just in case". He’s the chivalrous kind of guy who still hand draws his note cards and starts every meal with a raised glass along with a toast referencing his favorite Irish poem. 

It's that spirit that I've tried to capture in Paul Landry Co. When you wear our clothing, you're ready for any adventure - big or small. 

- P. Landry